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25° C

Visibility: 16 km Wind speed: 6 kph
Pressure: 101.10 kpa Wind direction: W
Humidity: 94 % Wind Chill: 25° C
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
A t-storm around
High: 32°C
Low: 24°C
High: 30°C
Low: 25°C
A couple of t-storms
High: 29°C
Low: 25°C
Showers around
High: 30°C
Low: 25°C
Afternoon showers
High: 30°C
Low: 25°C
A t-storm around Thunderstorms A couple of t-storms Showers around Afternoon showers

Seychelles weather is classified as tropical, as the island is located in the South-west of the Indian Ocean. Therefore the island rarely experience bad weather patterns and the weather in Seychelles is usually synonymous with fine and sunny conditions during the year which along with the azure waters and their rippling waves washing out on golden sandy beaches makes Seychelles an amazing destination for holidays.  Generally, Seychelles weather is warm and humid with strong maritime influence, averaging 29°C (84.2°F) throughout the year. However, as a tropical island located very close to  equator Seychelles experience a lot of rain throughout the year but this mainly occurs in brief showers followed by tropical sunshine, and is characteristically devoid of any extremes.

The Republic of Seychelles consists 115 small islands scattered over a wide expanse of ocean occupying 455  km² of land area. Seychelles just lie outside the cyclone zone, with the notable exception of the remotest southern islands. Weather in Seychelles is renewed for the little fluctuation in temperature levels, that rarely drop bellow 24°C or rise above 32°C. Seychelles weather is mostly influenced by the archipelago’s proximity to the Indian Ocean, and remains pleasant throughout the year, with tropical and life-giving rains during the northwest monsoon season.

Seychelles weather temperature starts to drop slightly from May to September and  southeastern  trade storms make the climate to become drier and cooler and precipitation becomes increasingly lighter and less frequent, reaching its lowest level during July.  By May though, the southeast monsoon is well and truly on its way. During this period the winds that blow over Seychelles are at their strongest, making the sea a bit rough, especially during July and August.

During the months October to April, northwestern trade storms make their appearance but these are not as powerful as the southeastern. During this period the coasts are calm but higher levels of humidity consists. April coincides with the pre-southeast monsoon. As the winds die down before reversing to the southeast, April is the calmest and warmest month of the year. However, weather in Seychelles between October to April remains pleasant throughout making this period the favorite amongst overseas visitors that descent upon this abundantly blessed by nature haven in their thousands. Furthermore, these are the most suitable months (weather wise) for divers as the visibility is excellent during this time.

Seychelles rainy season starts from the beginning of December and reaches its peak in January and by March downpours taper off. However even during their peak, rains tend to fall heavier on one part of the archipelago while the other part it remains dry and sunny. During the same period the islands are visited by the North West trade winds that help Seychelles weather retain its hot and humid disposition and also keeping the sea waters calm.


Best Time to visit Seychelles for:

Snorkeling : All Year round

Surfing and Windsurfing : May to September

Sailing : All Year round

Fishing : October to April

Diving : All year round but best visibility in April and October

Turtles : October to February (peak December) for laying eggs, and mid January to April (peak February to March) for hatch lings.

Bird watching : April to May for breeding season, and September to October for migration

Walking and Hiking : May to September

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